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Behind The Scenes: TinToy Films Rebranded After 12 Years In The Industry

Recently TinToy went through a rebrand and we had a chance to speak to the team at Ididthat. TinToy Films are here to spill the beans on our epic journey in the commercials production circus. Executive Producer Warren Ferreira spills the tea, jokingly reminiscing, 'We started when we were young and dumb.' Ah, the good ol' days of youthful ignorance – we've upgraded to middle-aged wisdom now, thank you very much.

Now, hold onto your director's chairs because both Warren and our maestro Ian Morgan have joined the exclusive club of first-time dads. Naturally, that prompted us to think, 'Why should only diapers mature? Let's give TinToy Films a grown-up makeover too!' What started as a humble one-stop production shop has blossomed into a full-fledged director-based production house. You know, because adulthood and responsibility are all the rage these days.

New TinToy Films Branding

'We've evolved.' The rebrand isn't just a cosmetic touch-up; it's a full-on glow-up for TinToy. We've hit that phase in our careers where we can be pickier than a toddler at dinner time. It's a monumental realization, folks, and the rebrand is our way of flexing that newfound selectivity muscle. Look at us, all grown up and sophisticated!

TinToy Films, the full-service production maestros, are your go-to wizards for commercials, documentaries, branded content, music videos, and short films. With Warren and Ian steering the ship, our talent roster is a motley crew of passionate storytellers, producers, and a post-production squad that puts Hogwarts to shame. Directors Justine Patterson, Duran Barnett, and Nic Eve each bring their unique flair – we're like the Avengers, but with cameras.

Now, the pièce de résistance – Ian, the maestro behind 'Good Mourning.' You might've seen his name in the credits while basking in the glory of our Sundance Film Festival spot and the Grand Jury Prize. 'It's not just about performance, I also enjoy making things look pretty,' Ian chuckles. Yes, we've got an eye for aesthetics sharper than our clapbacks. Check out our blog post for a sneak peek into the prettiest things we've conjured up over the past 12 years. Spoiler alert: they're as fabulous as a unicorn at a disco. Read the full article here:


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