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Good Morning - A Short Film - Bizcommunity

On his return from the Sundance Film Festival in London, where he premiered his award-winning short film Good Mourning, our director Ian Morgan sat down with Bizcommunity to tell them what winning the first SundanceTV Shorts Competition for South Africa meant to him and what he learnt through this experience.

Director Ian Morgan

“It is the first year that SA has been included in the winners, and it really is an honour to have my film screened with such talent,” he said. “Traveling to London was an incredible experience. It was a great opportunity to make some contacts in the industry in London and to learn about what films people are looking for. We are a country rich with South African stories, but that doesn't mean we should limit ourselves to those stories alone. Films with universal themes should also be told. I feel that after being to the Sundance Film Festival: London, we shouldn't actually box ourselves into only making films for a ‘South African-relevant’ audience, we should start making films for a bigger market.

We have such talented people in South Africa with amazing skills, with a talented cast and we shouldn't be lending this out to international clients. We have the skill to do it ourselves, so let's do it!

Coming from the ad world, where it has predominantly been about creating beautiful images, Good Mourning was originally intended to be a project to prove to myself that I could still direct characters in dialogue-driven scenes. Going forward I hope that I can make more films and be a bit more selective with the commercial jobs I take on. Read the full article here:


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