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Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens (Canon EF Mount)

Rental Price: R1050 pd ex vat


This is the world’s first consumer-grade probe lens which focuses from 2:1 macro to infinity and with a compelling wide-angle ‘Bug Eye’ perspective. This wide-angle design results in greater depth of field at close focusing distances than is possible with conventional macro lens. The background details are now recognizable.

The front lens barrel is water-proof affording the ability to obtain unique perspectives. The LED ring light, mounted at the tip of the lens, provides light to reduce unnecessary shadows.

The package includes a white USB cable dimmer (with power adjustment), black USB cable (no power adjustment), lens bag and metal case. Please note that the LED is powered by an external battery (not included in the package).



ikan Professional 17" High-Bright Teleprompter Travel Kit

Rental Price:

Teleprompter Only R2500 pd ex vat

Teleprompter + Operator R4500 pd ex vat


Make sure your talent can read their lines clearly from up to 10m away with this Professional High Bright Teleprompter from ikan. The durable aluminium teleprompter comes with a 17" LED monitor, 70/30 beamsplitter glass, a collapsible teleprompter hood, and all the mounting hardware you need.

The bright, backlit monitor features 1920 x 1080 resolution, 160/170° viewing angle, 1000 cd/m² brightness, and 4:3 aspect ratio, all which provide crisp, clear reading. The monitor has HDMI, BNC composite, and VGA inputs supporting a wide range of source options. The teleprompter comes with a collapsible hood, which includes an adjustable cloth boot to insert your lens.

There are multiple 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting threads all around the prompter, and it comes with all the hardware needed for assembly and mounting on a tripod or rig. Three risers are included to fit which camera you're using: one for a DSLR or mirrorless camera, one for a larger camcorder, and one to attach a separately available VCT plate for mounting an ENG camera. Counterweights are also included in case the prompter becomes front heavy.

The kit all comes in a SKB iSeries 2217-12 waterproof wheeled utility case, with custom-cut foam insert, for transport.


Key Features:

  • Full teleprompter package with 70/30 beamsplitter glass and 17" monitor

  • 1920 x 1080 resolution, 160/170° viewing angle, 4:3 aspect ratio, 1000 cd/m² brightness, LED backlight monitor

  • HDMI, BNC composite, and VGA inputs

  • Sturdy aluminium construction, collapsible hood with adjustable cloth lens boot

  • AC adapter, teleprompter hood, counterweights, and mounting hardware included; ships with custom-cut foam that can be repurposed to transport in a case

  • One riser mount included for DSLR mirrorless size cameras, one for mid-size camcorders, and one for use with VCT plates and ENG cameras



Glide Gear iPad Teleprompter

Rental Price: R1250 pd ex vat (iPad + Bluetooth Keyboard Included)


The Glide Gear iPad Teleprompter features a collapsible, compact design that mounts on a tripod and accepts a DSLR or Mirrorless camera on the rear platform with no assembly required. A 70/30 beamsplitter glass reflects the scrolling text from the device to your talent from up to a 5m reading range. The glass angle is adjustable to best suit the situation while its protective hood keeps unwanted light from entering your lens.

The prompter offers 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 tripod mount threads on the bottom, plus accessory mounting points on the left and right sides of the frame for attaching lights, mics, and other accessories to enhance your production.


Key Features:

  • Supports up to 10.5 x 7.5" tablets and smartphones in an adjustable holder

  • No assembly required; collapsible to compact form

  • 70/30 beamsplitter glass with adjustable angle

  • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 tripod mount threads on the bottom

  • 1/4"-20 accessory mounting points on the sides of the frame for lights and mics

  • 5m reading range

  • Protective hood

  • Fitted camera sock

Canon EOS C200 Cinema Camera (EF Mount)

Rental Price:

One Camera - R3000 pd ex vat

Two Cameras - R5000 pd ex vat


The Canon EOS C200 is a 4K capable cinema video camera designed for professional productions. The Canon C200 features a 9.84 Super 35 CMOS sensor that boats up to 15-stops of dynamic range, and a light sensitivity of ISO 100-102,400. If that is not impressive enough the powerful sensor combined with Canon's latest DIGIC DV6 processor enables the C200 to record 4K Ultra HD videos in RAW at a smooth frame rate of 50fps (50p) internally on a CFast 2.0 card. Other powerful video features include: high speed 2K/HD up to 100 fps (with no cropping), Canon Log 2 and 3, Dual Pixel CMOS AF (DAF), up to 10-stops internal ND, 4:2:2 output over SDI, and 4K RAW 10-bit/50P or 12-bit 24P/25P internal recording.


The Canon EOS C200 supports Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 Gamma. Canon Log makes post-process grading, toning and exposure correction more effective as it captures a wider tonal range.
Canon Log 2 puts emphasis on post-production grading, and maintains better detail in dark areas compared to the original Canon Log. With this curve, up to 15 stops of dynamic range can be realized in a single frame.
Canon Log 3 uses a gamma that simplifies grading by tightening dark areas and adjusting gradation, making it a gamma that makes noise less noticeable and widens dynamic range while retaining Canon Log's ease of use.

We have two of these, making it the perfect camera for multi-cam interviews!


Key Features:

  • 4K up to 50 fps, 2K/HD up to 100 fps

  • Super 35mm CMOS Sensor

  • EF Mount

  • Up to 15 Stops of Dynamic Range

  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF & Face detect autofocus

  • 8-bit Recording to SD Cards

  • 12-bit 4K DCI/UHD RAW Recording to CFast 2.0

  • Built in ND up to 10-stop

  • Selectable Gamma and Log Curves

  • Integrated EVF, 2 x XLR Audio Inputs

  • SDI, HDMI, Ethernet Connectors



Nodal Ninja 3 Panoramic - 360 Stills Head

Rental Price: R750 pd ex vat


Nodal Ninja 3 with the standard rotator uses reversible brass detent rings that give the sound and feel of click stops. Having these different click stops allows the user to select how many degrees of rotation between shots. Produce stunning super high resolution panoramas with your DSLR. You can also mount your camera in both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) orientation.


Key Features:

  • SIZE - very small and compact making it easy to carry and stow

  • WEIGHT - only 475 grams

  • FULL rotation up and down and all-around (with smaller lenses)

  • NEW Lower rotator design on NN3 MKII, enhancements include: new tension knob without inner lock screw, tension is easily adjusted by simply tightening the knob

  • Ball bearing detent plunger is incorporated in the rotator for smooth rotation and click stops

  • New precision click ball replaces detent pin. This allows for a more positive feel and decreased wear

  • New precision CNC machined detent rings for better precision.

  • Improved detent ring retention mechanism for easy change of detent ring.

  • Reversible detent rings offer click stops at varying degrees

  • Rubberized metal knurled knobs - This allows for better gripping and feel and gives an enhanced look

  • Made to high precision tolerances

  • One knob adjustable resistance for horizontal panning